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What Is Kinesiology


Kinesiology works on the principle that the body mind and spirit are connected and through the balance of these, full health can be achieved. 

Kinesiology sessions may include counselling, acupressure, colour therapy, reflexology, emotional release techniques, chakra and meridian balancing, flower essences, essential oils, nutritional changes and age regression.

What can Kinesiology help me with:

· Pain Management

· Nutritional Problems/Digestive Disorders

· Defusing Stress

· Depression/Anxiety

· Weight Loss

· Sleep Disorders

· Chronic Fatigue

· Alleviating fears, past traumas, habits & phobias

· Relationship Issues

· Achieve Career Goals

· Personal Development & helping you find your full potential and happiness.

· General Wellbeing 

It can be used to assist you in any area of your life, be it physical; emotional; mental; career, financial; social.

How Does It Work


As a facilitator of wellness I support clients on their healing journey,  assisting in creating a space of self awareness and responsibility for choices through connecting to one's wisdom.

In our sessions we set goals and work together to bring about change mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. 

I work with clients on a 1 on 1,  in clinic at Yarrambat & South Morang.


Online Video appointments for Remote / International clients.  

I also provide an Online Program for clients who prefer to work by themselves with my guidance. 

If you are struggling to move onto the next chapter of your life, are you feeling stuck or dissatisfied with your current situation. 

If you are ready to get out of the passenger seat and become the Driver of your life, please contact me.


Face to Face Sessions



Rivers of Yarrambat  Wellness Precinct

28 Kurrak Rd, Yarrambat VIC 3091 

Available by appointment only.

Bookings: 040 323 5919

Sacred Key -  3/113c Miller Street, Epping  

 I am available on Mondays or by appointment . 

Bookings: 03 8401 3571 

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One on One Online Session


Online sessions with me are a blend of Kinesiology (muscle testing), Theta Healing and intuitive coaching and guidance . 

These sessions are a wonderful non invasive way to clear blocks and gain awareness on issues that have sabotaged your healing and have kept you stuck.

 I found that working online  allows my clients to feel more relaxed from the start. The session is much more focused as they are already settled and feel safe to dive in deep emotionally as they are in the comfort of their own home.  After the session I send an email with all that we worked through with instructions on home reinforcements.

I  use Skype or Zoom and send a link with the appointment confirmation.

Working this this way on a regular basis is a perfect way to stay in alignment with your goals and to support your energy. 

You can book with me directly on Australia: 0403235919

International:  +61 403235919

What Can I expect



People ask me what is Kinesiology? What can it help me with? My response is that this modality can help you with all aspects of your life.

Kinesiology helps with a variety of health and well being issues. It looks beyond symptoms and balances the body and mind to a position well being at that time.

This could mean awareness about a health or emotional issue and the steps to take to resolve this challenge.

Gain clarity about the future, identifying the emotional charge behind long standing depression, 

anxiety or physical pain and sometimes dietary modifications.

We look at sabotage programs that have kept your stuck and how to create real change in your life.

So maybe it is time to try Kinesiology, I promise your mind and body will thank you !


Additional Information

What is a ‘balance’?This is the term used for a kinesiology appointment and relates to the balancing of energy and release of energy blockages. 

What does muscle-testing involve?I press on a muscle while asking a yes/no question and the muscle responds by either staying strong or weakening. The test relates to energy flow, rather than to the strength of the muscle. 

How many appointments will I need?It varies enormously depending on the person and what the problem is. I recommend two or three balances to deal with a particular issue but you may like to have further balances for other stressful aspects of your life or look at investing in one of my Life programs. It's also possible to have a one-off balance, for instance when testing for supplements or allergies. 


What People Say

Clarity and Direction



I have been seeing Verena for some time now and she never fails to lift me up and put me in the right direction.  

She has an Amazingly intuitive ability that is beyond words. Verena hits the nail on the head every time and always gives me simple survival tools to help let go of any blocks and to support growth. She makes sense of everything and calms me. Verena uses a non invasive approach to facilitate healing and enables me to see a different perspective of things. When I am just simply looking for clarity and direction, Verena sends me away with techniques to thrive. Verena is a non-judgemental, understanding and caring human being, accompanied with a grounded, honest nature  and great sense of humour.
In a nutshell- Verena makes you feel like everything is going to be ok and I feel so blessed to have found her.  

Techniques to Thrive



 In 2015, I was coping with a number of issues, anxieties and stresses:  I had been recently made redundant and my wife expecting our second child. I found I was still carrying the shame and guilt of past traumas, as well as lacking the confidence to forge ahead in my career and fulfil a meaningful life’s purpose.

Through Verena’s patience and encouragement I was introduced to the tools, techniques, and above all self-permission to observe and understand the surrounding influences that impact in my life. I still use many of these tools today and include them in my day-to-day life providing me greater clarity, ease and awareness. I make more insightful decisions with greater purpose and enjoy overcoming the ‘challenges’ that life can randomly throw at me.

I always felt extremely positive and hopeful about my life’s direction after a ‘balance’ with Verena. Each session rejuvenated my trust in the process and I was amazed at how powerful and successful it can be to your personal well-being.