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Verena White

My name is Verena White and I am Kinesiologist and Transformational Facilitator. I was first introduced to Kinesiology several years ago when I was pregnant with my son. However it was not until I moved to Melbourne a couple of years later that I reconnected with this amazing therapy and truly started to understand the importance of the mind, body and spirit connection. 

At this time I felt that I was in a position of 'no choice', I had just moved to a new city with no friends or family, was in a business that I felt obliged to be in, I had a young child and was in a very unhappy marriage and under great financial stress. I felt like I was getting pulled through life with little say in the direction I was heading.

It was during this time that I had an awakening and was drawn to study this life changing modality.  Through my study and using these tools I was able to transform my life and gain the confidence to pursue and receive the life I deserved.

I have realised for a long time that my story was my healing and because of my experiences I can use these lessons to help my clients step into the Driver’s seat and become the navigator of their life. 

I find joy in helping my clients find understanding from their life experiences and healing through connecting with their inner wisdom in order to identify the path to their highest good.

The Ensò symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance; the universe and the void.

Ensò Kinesiology & Lifestyle solutions

In  Zen Buddhism the Ensò symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength and elegance. The spiritual practice of drawing Ensò is to reach self-realization.  

When the circle is closed it represents perfection and completion. When the circle is open or ‘incomplete’ it allows for transformation & development. This to me represents the essence of what I work towards with my clients. 

Through Ensò my vision is to help clients create a lifestyle that inspires and empowers them. To achieve balance, wellness and prosperity in all areas of their life. To guide and support them to connect to their inner wisdom in order to identify the path to their highest good.


Live A Life With Passion & Purpose

To achieve a fulfilling Life of Passion and Purpose, commitment to the following is required from the seeker:

  • Be willing to look at one’s life and to delve into self-awareness, by learning to own your choices.
  • Learn to listen to your inner wisdom for guidance not your EGO for criticism of yourself and others. 
  • Be willing to make positive changes in one’s life, this could be physically, nutritionally, socially, mentally or spiritually.....( usually all of them )
  • Be willing to forgive and let go of the past. Understanding that forgiveness is not condoning wrongs, it is understanding the lessons and accepting the past could not be any different. 
  • Understand that you can be the navigator of your life and your best life is your birth rite.


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